The publication "Cut" was commissioned by North Drive Press in partnership with Conner Contemporary Art and NCA/Nichido Contemporary Art.  Visual artists Bradley McCallum and Jaqueline Tarry invited Brian Keith Jackson to respond to their self-portrait performance, "Cut."

This publication pairs the writer's short story with portraits of the artists taken directly after their performance and video stills of the artists cutting each other's hair.  This simple act is transformed into a sexually and racially charged, and emotionally complex project that suggests the cutting of hair as an act of collaboration, dominance and submission, intimacy, punishment and control.

The following is an excerpt from See Me, See You, See Me by Brian Keith Jackson:

The sight of a straight edge razor can instantly bring one pause.  The sound it makes as it slices through hair sends a chill over flesh like a cool breeze kissing a wet body.  Hair, like skin, is alive and when cut it leaves a scar; a reminder of things past.  Fearful of infection, it takes trust to expose the cuts and once you do, it takes belief in the hands that treat them.

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